Faithful Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier about all kind of pressure gauge movements(mechanism movement),bimetallic springs,hairsprings,pointers,bourdon tubes in China.

   Pressure gauge movements(Mechanism movements) have Obverse Installed movement,Reverse installed Movement,Precision Movement,Stainless Steel  Movement,Capsule Movement,Vibration-Proof Movement,Double-Cone Movement and Special Movement.They are widely used in all kind of pressure gauges,such as:normal pressure gauge,shockproof pressure gauge,precision pressure gauge,and so on.


    Bimetallic springs are applied to all kind of temperature gauges. 


    Hairsprings are widely applied to navey meters,vehicle meters,electricity meters,pressure gauges,micrometers,dial indicators,balance instruments and so on.

    Pointer and Bourdon tube are widely applied to all kind of pressure gauges.


   The competitive price and better quality are assured for our customer. 

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